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Events Sponsorship Program

The Event Sponsorship program is designed to provide grants to organizations coordinating events that have either (1) demonstrated a history of visitor impact or (2) have a significant potential to draw visitors to the area.The EDD acts as a clearinghouse for the Dover Select board to administer funds collected from a 1% local sales tax option.Emphasis will be placed on events occurring during non-peak periods (i.e. April 1 –September 1 and October 15 –December 15)and for events in excess of 500 attendees.


The number and extent of these grants will be dependent upon the availability of designated funds and specific allocations.Grant funds are intended to supplement the budget of the sponsoring organization,not supplant it. The EDD believes that when such requests and sponsorships are properly administered, participation with other entities can promote and enhance economic development and tourism activities within the Town of Dover.


Ideally, the funds recommended by the EDD and allocated by the Select board will eventually be returned, in whole or in part,through an increase in lodging, restaurant and bar revenue, and retail sales and the tax revenue generated from those sales.

For additional information or questions about the program, please contact your Economic Development Department.

Program Documents