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Incentives for Business

DASP - Dover Advertising

Support Program

The Dover Advertising Support Program  is a rebate program intended to assist local
businesses with the cost of national, regional and/or local advertising campaigns with the goal of
increasing business.

DASP Application 2023-2024

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DTAP - Dover Technical Assistance Program

The Dover Technical Assistance Program (DTAP) is an initiative designed to provide assistance for some of the most commonly discussed needs of Dover businesses via the use of third-party providers such as staffing agencies, marketing/branding firms, professional service providers, professional architect/design services, etc. This program encourages businesses to solve their day to day issues with the help of this professional guidance.

DTAP is funded annually through an appropriation of local option sales tax revenue and is distributed to applicants that have projects addressing need, meet the eligibility requirements, fulfill the program guidelines, and support the goals of the program.

The Town of Dover will rebate 75% of the approved project’s total cost (PTC) to a maximum grant award of $2,500.00. PTC includes cost of outside professional assistance/implementation. No ‘sweat equity’ is includable. A total of $25,000 in grants will be awarded in 2022. Projects will be assessed for overall economic impact.

2023 Dover Technical Assistance Program Application

**Applications accepted August 1st, 2023 through September 11th, 2023**

See Application for Full Guidelines and Eligibility

DO-IT Program

DO-IT is an initiative designed to assist Dover businesses with revitalizing exterior aesthetics of
commercial property. The program is available on an annual basis to applicants that meet the eligibility requirements, fulfill the program guidelines and support the goals of the program. DO IT is intended to make Dover commercial property more attractive and desirable to frequent.

**Applications accepted May 1st, 2023 through May 31st, 2023**

Town of Dover

Tax Stabilization Policy

The intent of the Tax Stabilization Program is to encourage economic development, diversify
the tax base, provide employment opportunities, improve commercial and industrial
properties, and provide long term growth to the Town Grand List.

DCSIP - Dover Commercial Signage Improvement Program

The Dover Commercial Signage Improvement Program) is an initiative designed to assist Dover Businesses with signage for their business by covering a portion of the costs to implement or replace signs for your business.

Revolving Loan for Business
from Town of Dover and BDCC

The Economic Development Department of Dover is working closely with our partners at the BDCC to provide the opportunity of a revolving loan for new and current businesses.

Loans of up to $50,000 can be accessed through the program with a 10% match from BDCC in the form of technical assistance to start your business and a 10% match from the Town of Dover in the form of an interest rate buy-down on the loan for the first twelve months.


  • Loan amount can be between $2,500 and $50,000

  • Loan term between 3 to 7 years, depending on the usage of the funds

  • Full Time Employees: no more than the equivalent of 10 employees


Required Documents

For questions at this time, please contact Eric.

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