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Trails & Recreation Project Process

Have a Recreation Project?

In August 2020, Weston & Sampson completed the ‘Dover Trails and Recreation Master Plan’. This report was the impetus for developing new processes to manage and integrate future implementation of recreational opportunities to ensure that all such projects align with our visions, goals, and standards for trails and outdoor recreation. The report provides us with a roadmap for optimal growth to benefit our residents and visitors, as well as create benefits for our local economy.

As part of the Town of Dover Economic Development initiatives, the Economic Development Department is tasked with developing and maintaining trails and recreation venues, and exploring the expansion and creation of additional recreational opportunities within the Town of Dover. Community members and other interested parties are invited to submit proposals for review and comment by the Trails and Recreation Committee, who will then make project recommendations to the Select Board.

The Economic Development Department, the Dover Trails and Recreation Committee, and the Dover Select Board have determined that all proposed projects will undergo the review, recommendation, and approval process described below, PRIOR to any construction or project implementation.

It should be noted here that this process applies ONLY to projects in which the Town of Dover is involved. “Involved” is defined as

A) projects that will occur on town-owned property;

B) projects that abut town-owned property or properties, where the project will provide access to and/or from said town-owned property or properties;

C) projects that are requesting funding from the Town of Dover


Only projects that meet one or more of the above criteria are required to participate in the application process. Projects being developed on private property, without connection or access to town-owned properties or projects, and which are not seeking funding from the Town, are exempt from the application process.

This document, along with the Proposed Project Questionnaire, outlines the process to be used when pursuing approval for new/proposed trails and recreation projects in the Town of Dover.

While we understand this process may require more planning and foresight than was previously required, we believe it is imperative to ensure the growth and success of our recreational opportunities moving forward, as well as ensuring that such projects are properly integrated into the existing recreational offerings in Dover.

For questions on the process of the creation and implementation of trails and recreation venues within the Town of Dover, please contact Eric in the Economic Development Office at or (802) 464-5100 x4

Have Questions?

For any questions about our trails implementation process or to discuss needs you have that may not fit under our current offerings, please contact us to see how we may be able to help

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