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01 | Dover Town Report 2022-2023

The Dover Town Report is updated and printed annually prior to Town Meeting. The report includes budgets, the articles to be voted on at Town Meeting and much more. 

02 | Dover Town Plan

The Dover Town Plan was first accepted by the Select Board in 1991.

There have been revisions and changes to the document since then with the most recently accepted version being May 2016. This document represents a full and comprehensive plan to be followed moving forward.

03 | Strategic Economic Development Plan for Dover & Wilmington (Mullin Report)

The Strategic Economic Development Plan for Dover & Wilmington, also know as the 'Mullin Report' was completed and presented to the towns in December of 2009. The report outlines a road map for the two towns to ensure a viable and sustainable local economy.

04 | Bi-Town Housing Rental
Sub-Committee Report

The Bi-Town Housing Rental Committee is a subcommittee of the The Bi-Town Housing Committee which was formed to collect data regarding short-term and long-term rentals in Dover and Wilmington. The data is to provide the Select Board’s a good understanding of the effects that short-term rentals may or may not have on the long-term rental housing market in Dover and Wilmington. This report is the outcome of the committees work and the recommendations made to the Select Board's regarding rentals in the Valley.

05 | Dover Trails & Recreation Master Plan

The Town of Dover Trails and Recreation Master Plan is intended to help meet the needs of current and future residents by positioning Dover to build on the community’s unique trails and recreational assets. The citizen‐driven plan establishes a clear direction to guide town staff, elected officials, and stakeholders in their efforts to enhance the community’s expansive trail network and unique recreational facilities. This document is meant to create a roadmap of strategic planning processes for the Town of Dover over the next

3, 10, and 25-year horizons.

06 | Bi-Town Marketing
Strategic Plan

The Bi-Town Marketing Strategic Plan for Dover & Wilmington, established by Charrette, was completed and presented to the towns in December of 2020. The plan provides a road map for how to effectively market the year round attractions, activities and assets the towns of Dover and Wilmington have to offer our visitors.

07 | Housing Analysis & Master Plan for Dover & Wilmington

The housing Analysis and Master Plan for Dover & Wilmington, was completed and presented to the towns in November of 2019.

The report provides an inventory, need, and plan to provide sustainable and cost effective year-round rentals in the towns of Dover and Wilmington.

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